About Paul Hardcastle

I trained originally in Ceramics at Farnham in Surrey. With access to many leading potters I found the period to be stimulating and enlightening. It also gave me time to think seriously about the direction that my work should take.

The course had an Architectural element which I identified as my particular area of interest. Working on scales larger than myself using components smaller was fascinating. Finding inspiration in portraiture and human form, the incredible variety and complexity of nature, the natural sculpture and scale of our landscape all contributed to the direction my work has taken.

Blending sculptural and figurative relief into tiles, murals and mosaic, is still a joy. Rich colours and surface texture, vibrant design and a sense of scale all have their part to play. Over the years I have worked using many different media forms producing sculpture, murals and features for hotels, restaurants and bars, the theatre and exhibition sets, also numerous private commissions.

For the future I am always interested in new projects.

Stained Glass Ceiling Light 91

One of two stained glass ceiling illuminated features each nearly two metres diameter on a floral theme for a hotel.

three metre dragon mural 50

A mural three metres long in five panels using resin onto wood, to give a dragon in mosaic effect, a bit like icing a cake.

wall hanging baobab tree 1

African inspired wall hanging of the spiritual baobab tree.

Chandelier 56 Chandelier 5

A set of six chandeliers and wall lights for a large function room using over 5000 glass rods of various diameters and length acting like huge fibre optics, the formed bulbous ends giving a finished effect of stars and rockets blasting off.