Ceramic relief

Figurative sculpture, made in porcelain, fired to stoneware temperatures in a single firing. The porcelain pieces essentially a sculptural mosaic were applied to a wood background. The smooth pliable nature of the clay lends itself to the flowing organic nature of the relief. These panels were a follow on from a commission for a display exhibition unit for jewellery.

porcelain sculptural mosaic 72 porcelain sculptural mosaic 67
porcelain sculptural mosaic 65 porcelain sculptural mosaic 69

Decorative tile panel with an African theme, this ceramic panel features handmade tiles, using a local ceramic body, processed and fired while in The Gambia by Paul Hardcastle.

Africa tile design 80

Stoneware ceramic relief with fused glass, this abstract brings together glass and ceramic. These designs are the fore-runners for a sculptural fountain to be made in the near future. The final effect should be stunning, water tumbling over tiers of fused glass and ceramic forms.

Fountain sculpture 53 Fountain sculpture 23